Investing in a lush, gorgeous landscape on your property is a pride and a privilege for all homeowners. Beyond the natural healthy competition rising among the residents of a community to own the most beautiful, picture-perfect landscape in the neighborhood, a thriving, complex landscape brings value in the life of the owners from multiple points of view:

  • It offers what nature has best in terms of fresh air, color, texture, contrast, movement and relaxation.
  • It protects and sustains the environment, nurturing the micro-ecosystem thriving on the property and offering a safe heaven for vegetation, insects and wildlife which, in turn, increase the oxygen levels in the air thus reducing pollution.
  • It boosts the property’s curb appeal from a real estate-centered point of view.
  • It offers owners the chance to spend as much time as possible outside, either for work or leisure purposes, thus improving their quality of life.
  • It allows you the opportunity to cultivate edibles for healthier diets and lifestyles.

For all these reasons and many more, homeowners will do anything to build and maintain lush landscapes that are both gorgeous and functional. From this point of view, our company is your best choice when it comes to building, revamping or repurposing a residential or a commercial property’s landscape.

This is what we can do for you:

  • Turf installations through hydroseeding or sod.
  • Add flowers and decorative plants in beds, pots, water gardens or larger plantings.
  • Add shrubs, hedges, bushes or ornamental trees to suit your needs of privacy, shade, color, scent, delimitation of areas and so on.
  • Add hardscapes elements and blend them in the overall landscape design for more beauty and utility.
  • Offer you advice on where, what and how to plant different types of vegetation to increase the ecosystem’s sustainability and health.
  • Offer you advice on crop inter-plantings (different companion flowers working great together with different vegetables or spices) or on crop mixing and rotations (to preserve the soil’s health and to further protect grasses from pests or disease).
  • Offer you our expertise on how to mow, cut, trim, prune and cultivate flowers, ornamentals and trees to facilitate their development year after year.

As a responsible homeowner you should know that you can contribute yourself to the preservation of resources and the protection of the environment. By choosing our landscaping services you will make sure that all materials and all methods are “green” and in full compliance with national and local regulations and recommendations.

We pay great attention to such details and we will build you a sustainable landscape focusing on the use of native, resilient grass and vegetation species and a thoroughly supervised selection of plants to boost your property’s looks while needing moderate maintenance and financial efforts.

Pinewood Landscaping is a full service landscape contractor offering specialized services to the community for more than twenty years. We will install anything from simple foundation plantings in front of your home to extensive estate plantings, respecting the design we agreed upon and mixing our own creativity into the project.

Call now and ask for a free estimate and let our specialists turn your property into a magazine cover-worthy work of art, completely risk free!